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Small Musings, Curiosities, and Questions Q 2

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Small Musings, Curiosities, and Questions

How do you reconcile opposing forms of emotions into the framework of your vision of a person?

Love, hate, fear, adoration...diametric emotions that encompass everything that we feel.

Mixed emotions can arise because of who we are; a daughter, a friend, a parent, a child... we can be several different people all at the same time. Those positions in life, in comparison to our interactions with other humans around us, give foundation to how mixed emotions get intertwined daily.

As humans, we strive to unravel the complex web of emotions that entangle our hearts.

We hold onto memories of love, even when they're accompanied by pain.

We learn from our mistakes and find meaning in the struggles we've faced.

We hold onto hope that people can change while acknowledging the reality that some

may never.

In the end, we must make difficult decisions, and find a way to make peace with our choices,

in order to move forward.

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