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Small Musings, Curiosities, and Questions Q 3

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Have you ever encountered "shadow men" yourselves?

I question the validity of their existence even now.

Had they just been a figment of my imagination due to loneliness or extreme social deprivation?

Although I had been toted around to many functions since an early age, my home life was a life of seclusion. I had stayed within the four walls of my room for years because doing otherwise would have been more torturous for my existence.

It was possibly the only place I felt somewhat safe. Walking out my door, to a mother who was most likely severely depressed or perhaps manic meant walking on eggshells just to prevent any angry outbursts and beatings.

shadow man

I saw these beings not only at night though. I saw and felt them even at midday, while the sun spilled thru my large bedroom window.

Thinking back, jarring moments of life were daily norms. I had to be very adaptable in order to survive, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Was seeing these shadow men a coping mechanism for my child-like mind?

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